8th Grade Work Ethic Distinction

8th graders and parents: There's still time to apply for the GCSSD Work Ethic Distinction! 

The Gibson County Special School District will honor eligible 8th graders with a Work Ethic Distinction who have met the following criteria. The distinction will serve as validation that the students possessing this credential successfully display strong work habits that will foster success in the workplace. One of the fundamental goals of GCSSD is to create an emerging workforce that has the 21st Century Skills needed to face the challenges of a global marketplace.

Students are responsible for applying for the Work Ethic Distinction. Participants who meet the criteria will be recognized at the end of the school year. A Work Ethic distinction will be awarded to each student who successfully completes the program.

Students will need to complete the google form by April 15, 2022. We will provide the teachers with the QR code for the teacher portion of the Work Ethic Distinction, but students should still ask their teachers to fill out the evaluation form.

If you have any questions, you can email our Career Advisor, Miss Carly, at archiec@gcssd.org or have your student message her on Schoology.